July 23, 2024


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You Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Take Your Presentations to the Next Level

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You Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Take Your Presentations to the Next Level

The ability to create killer presentations is an essential skill in the modern workplace. Whether you’re making a pitch to potential investors or business partners, presenting at an industry conference, or simply trying to communicate ideas to your coworkers, a compelling presentation can get people to engage and buy-in, which will ultimately advance your career. So what is the most important factor for a compelling presentation? Obviously, solid public speaking skills are a must. However, in today’s technology-driven world, it is even more important to master the art of visual communication. Research has shown that presentation efficacy is 7-percent content, 38-percent voice, and 55-percent visual. That’s why there are so many design tools and deck templates out there. However, if you want a solution that truly takes your presentations to the next level, you need to check out Beautiful.ai.

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When it comes to visual communication, there are really five basic qualities you want your slide presentation to have. It should feature minimal text that supports rather than repeats what you are saying. It should feature slides with a variety of layouts to avoid monotony and maintain visual interest. It should feature beautiful visuals such as graphs, charts, statistics, and images that support your key takeaways. It should be meticulously consistent and coherent in style and formatting. And it should stay on brand by incorporating your company or organization’s color palette and logos.

Unfortunately, actually creating presentations with these qualities is easier said than done. While a whopping 91-percent of presenters say they feel more confident when they have a well-designed slide deck, about 45-percent find it difficult to design effective layouts, 41-percent find it difficult to find or implement good visuals, 47-percent say they generally spend more than 8 hours on design, 35-percent choose bright vibrant colors instead of sticking with brand colors, and 7-percent say they even struggle to choose a good font.

Clearly, the usual way of creating presentations is not very efficient. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way thanks to Beautiful.ai.

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Beautiful.ai is an automated presentation design platform that helps you create captivating slide decks while saving yourself hours of busywork, transforming your ideas into visual stories in just a few minutes.

The key feature of the Beautiful.ai platform is its built-in AI and hundreds of smart slide templates. It’s users don’t need to spend any time studying effective design layout. The Beautiful.ai AI designer handles all the heavy lifting, helping you autoformat your slides and make the best possible choices for your presentation. Every slide and every template is fully customizable, offering you dozens of possible tweaks to help you stay on brand. And there are millions of free photos and icons at your fingertips. And perhaps importantly, Beautiful.ai’s simple and intuitive menus and controls dramatically minimize the learning curve, so you spend less time learning how to use it and more time fine-tuning your message.

Of course, while the quality of the presentations you will create with Beautiful.ai is fantastic, the best part about this platform might just be the price. Unlike a lot of other professional productivity tools out there, you won’t have to go through a round of venture financing just to afford it. The top tier subscription is probably less than your team spends on coffee in a day. And anybody can try Beautiful.ai for free.

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If you’re ready to dial your presentations up a notch, give yourself the tools that dozens of top companies are already using. Check out Beautiful.ai today.

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