February 22, 2024


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Woman Forces Husband to Get Rid of His Cat for Her Dog and the Internet Is Fuming

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A woman has shared her story of how she forced her husband to give up his cat as it didn’t get on with her dog, and the internet is outraged.

Posting to Reddit on September 5, the woman explained that she and her husband moved into a home a year ago with two pets; her 3-year-old American Bull Terrier and his 18-year-old cat.

She wrote: “We tried to introduce them to one another by initially separating them, then by introducing them to each other’s smells, followed by letting them see each other whilst at a safe distance.

“They appeared to get along, but after a day, the cat began making it’s dislike for the dog VERY clear.”

She then went on to explain that the two animals fought often, to the point that they had to be separated and she would attempt to pour water on the cat when it initiated fights.

The Redditor described how she took the cat to the vet who told her “that he is perfectly healthy.”

The woman also explained that being pregnant had heightened her concern.

“While I’m not saying that the cat would definitely be nasty towards my baby, the way it has acted towards my dog has caused me to worry,” she added.

Because the couple’s family did not want to take the cat in she “brought up the idea of taking the cat to a cat sanctuary, where it would hopefully be able to find a new home, in a relaxing environment and without fear of being euthanised.

“We argued virtually nonstop about this for days, until my husband finally agreed to take his cat to said cat sanctuary. However, he is still pretty upset with me.

“I feel really bad for my husband, however, I do feel like it was the right decision, not only for the dog, but our future baby.”

The story has evoked a strong reaction on Reddit having attracted more than 2,115 comments in one day before interactions were disabled.

The moderator of the forum shared a post explaining: “Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to call this one early, kids. There’s been WAY too many insults being thrown and we can’t let it continue.”

One Redditor, Barrel-Of-Tigers, had written: “Absolutely YTA (you’re the a**hole) It’s an 18 year old cat. Not only is it incredibly unlikely to find a new home, but think about how stressful that would be for the poor thing.

“Please go back and save his cat. I’d honestly never forgive you if I was in his shoes.”

AmphletHamlet21 added: “I honestly would have left the marriage over this. Not even sorry. She should know how much that cat means to him. With her selfish self.”

Mommyfish typed: “I feel so awful for both the cat and the husband. I wouldn’t have been able to say ‘ok’ to giving up my best good friend just because my new husband wants me to so this has me wondering how badly she browbeat him into making such a decision.

“Rehoming an 18yo kitty kitty isn’t a thought normal people with feelings have. This post broke my heart to pieces.

GoldenNebulas stated: “Funny how you only seem to be concerned about your dog and what you want. Maybe you should give up your dog too….for the baby’s sake.”

Delusion2k21 exclaimed: “YTA, the cat is 18 YEARS OLD! Who would want to adopt an 18 year old cat with aggressive tendencies not to mention how hard it would be on the cat after living with someone for 18 years then being rehomed.

“How about rehoming the dog? No? You do t want to give up the poor dog? Didn’t think so as that would be just as bad! Sorry but it’s on you to make it work and keep them separated.”

Cat and dog
A stock image of a cat and a dog facing each other. On Reddit a woman explained how she made her husband get rid of his cat because it didn’t get along with her dog.
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