January 31, 2023


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‘Tech Healer’ Couple Flew To SF on Private Jet to Help Heal Elon

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Self-described “energy healers” who felt “the call” to help heal Elon Musk said they took a private jet Friday to the Bay Area to visit Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

The couple, Raj Lahoti and Morgan King, are tech entrepreneurs who met at an NFT conference and now live together at their Del Mar home in San Diego. They claim that their presence at Twitter HQ is not a PR stunt or a prank, unlike the people who posed as fired workers after Musk took over and made mass layoffs.

“We have no agenda. This is not business for us,” Lahoti said. The two said they were at Twitter HQ to support humanity and “bring a vibration of community.”

The pair, who in their description have been together “lifetimes” (which is seven months, as it happens), have been waiting outside Twitter HQ for company owner Musk since around 2:45 p.m.

Their healing plans involved placing their hands upon Musk, but upon arrival, they were overwhelmed with emotion and began “convulsing,” leading to a video call with their healer—and publicist—two eyewitnesses told The Standard.

Morgan King ‘convulsing’ outside Twitter HQ after being overcome with emotion upon arrival in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. | Camille Cohen/The Standard

“I have been through exactly what Elon has been through right now, energetically,” said Lahoti, who is the cofounder of DMV.org, a site that helps users demystify the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Lahoti said he removed all the advertising from his website and was called crazy by his team.

“We cannot let advertisers suck the energy and attention from the users, so I understand what he’s going through right now—in this transformation. And that’s why we felt the call to come,” Lahoti added.

Musk has recently alienated advertisers who have pulled away from deals with the social media site due to security concerns.

“He’s being misunderstood right now,” Lahoti said of Musk. “He has super abilities, and also disabilities, Elon. And we have complementary abilities in making sure we can support him.”

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Raj Lahoti and Morgan King, self-described energy healers and tech entrepreneurs from San Diego flew to Twitter HQ Nov. 18, 2022 to help heal Elon Musk. | Camille Cohen/The Standard

When told Musk was not in the building, they replied: “That’s OK, all in divine timing.”

The pair received “the call” at 3:30 a.m. Friday and flew to Oakland from San Diego before taking an Uber to the Mid-Market Twitter offices.

Twitter employees reportedly resigned en masse on Thursday, raising concerns that the site could be knocked offline for lack of manpower as new owner Musk struggles to get control the social network.

Twitter abruptly locked offices after the mass resignation, a day after Musk issued an ultimatum that workers get “extremely hardcore” in their efforts toward his “Twitter 2.0” vision for the company or leave, according to Business Insider.


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