October 2, 2023


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Online States Father or mother Should Push Charges Against Son’s 18-Year-Outdated Ex in Viral Write-up

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A dad or mum has taken to Reddit’s “Am I the A**gap” discussion board adhering to a dispute with their son’s ex-girlfriend, an 18-year-previous who allegedly keyed his car or truck.

The nameless dad or mum hopes to see justice served—but they’re asking yourself if urgent rates against the teenager would take factors way too far.

The post has prompted potent suggestions from audience, racking up 16,800 upvotes and over 2,100 feedback at the time of composing.

As on line authorized information supply FindLaw notes, keying someone’s auto is “most certainly” a felony act. “Dependent on the benefit of harm you result in to a car or truck, you could be billed with uncomplicated vandalism or a serious felony,” the publication reported.

The anonymous Redditor, identified only as u/Suspicious-Write-up-7690, spelled out that their 17-12 months-previous — who has his individual car –just lately broke up with his girlfriend because he formulated feelings for anyone else.

“My son dumped his ex-girlfriend since he commenced to have thoughts for a further female,” discussed the dad or mum. “He spoke to me and I designed absolutely sure to tell him to dump her frivolously and not to damage her thoughts prior to making an attempt factors out with the other lady.”

When he broke the news to his now-ex, detailing that he experienced feelings for another person else, she was “definitely… not happy.” In retaliation, the Redditor alleged that the ex-girlfriend keyed his automobile and caused significant injury.

“She finished up keying my son’s automobile,” they wrote. “I am conversing to the stage exactly where it is absolutely f***ed up. She carved my son’s new girlfriend’s identify onto the doors and known as her a s***. She also drew a guy with a really compact penis and labelled it my son’s identify.”

In addition, she allegedly “broke just one of the windows and poured a gentle drink into it.”

The Redditor occurred to get there at the scene proper “as she’s pouring in the soft consume” and “immediately [called] the cops.” The ex-girlfriend was arrested and “experienced to shell out bail.”

However, the parent would like to press the punishment additional. “I am experience like pressing charges since it is my son’s 1st vehicle and we don’t want to shell out substantially revenue on a new car,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, the ex’s mother is furious at the dad or mum for involving the police. She reportedly arrived to the Redditor’s house, screamed at them, and identified as them “a monster for contacting the cops on a black lady.” The teen’s mom also alleged that the Redditor’s son “cheated and deserved to have his car or truck ruined.”

Concluded the Redditor: “I will not really feel in the slightest little bit lousy for urgent expenses and ruining this girl’s daily life, simply because she’s performing like a comprehensive psycho.”

Audience have been quick to weigh in on the contentious subject, and a lot of commenters jumped to give the nameless mother or father their support.

“NTA. She dedicated a criminal offense, and desires to take obligation for her lifestyle,” wrote Ok_Odor_8260, placing it merely.

Echoed u/Disastrous-Gas-2757: “NTA, as considerably as people like to feel so, getting cheated on or dumped is not an justification to hurt people’s residence.”

Some, nonetheless, identified the saga implausible: some named the submit “troll-bait” while other folks mentioned that in fact keying full phrases and drawings into the surface area of a car is truly amazingly challenging to pull off.

Newsweek has reached out to u/Suspicious-Submit-7690 for further comment.

A shattered car or truck window pursuing an tried financial institution theft, 2007.
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