October 2, 2023


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Misericordia’s Dr. Mateusz Wosik Publishes Analysis On Dinosaurs And Brings His Expertise Again To Campus For The Tumble Semester

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Misericordia’s Dr. Mateusz Wosik Publishes Analysis On Dinosaurs And Brings His Expertise Back To Campus For The Fall Semester

Misericordia’s Dr. Mateusz Wosik Publishes Exploration On Dinosaurs And Delivers His Expertise Again To Campus For The Drop Semester

Mateusz Wosik, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology at Misericordia College and System Director of Scientific Laboratory Science, recently released an article in the Journal of Anatomy, focusing on the daily life heritage of the duck-billed dinosaur, Edmontosaurus annectens.

Duck-billed dinosaurs can be considered of as the “cows of the cretaceous.” In Dr. Wosik’s very own words and phrases, “they have no interesting weaponry or armor, just dumpy on the lookout dinosaurs that gathered in herds and browsed on vegetation all working day.” So why would he obtain these dinosaurs intriguing? “I love researching them due to the fact they are instrumental parts of the food stuff chain for carnivorous animals of the instances. In specific, Edmontosaurus annectens lived amongst the iconic Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex in the northwestern United States and southern Canada until finally their extinction at ~66mya and are some of the final non-avian dinosaurs to have ever lived!”

Trekking all the way to South Dakota, Dr. Wosik and his co-writer, Dr. David C. Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum, analyzed the Ruth Mason Dinosaur Quarry, a incredibly huge bonebed that has been excavated for nearly 40 yrs. This bonebed has produced thousands of Edmontosaurus annectens people today, building it an best candidate for a study of this dinosaur’s existence heritage. The initial stage of the review assessed the measurement distribution of people today from the bonebed by measuring all of the limb bones and plotting them in a sizing-frequency distribution. This is similar to what we have all finished in quality college when measuring and plotting the top of everyone in the course. The final results exposed five grouping of folks within just constrained dimensions ranges.

To examination no matter if these groupings represented cohorts, several bones were being picked from every grouping to endure histological sectioning. This is a process that will involve slicing the fossilized bones to study their internal bone microstructure. Working with this technique, scientists can tap into knowledge of the animal’s physiology, which is unobtainable from classic measurements and observations of the bone’s outer surface area. The benefits indicated that the groupings did without a doubt align with ages, and for that reason could be interpreted as cohorts. Nonetheless, right after 5 decades of age, the cohorts commenced to overlap as Edmontosaurus approached its grownup size by about 7 decades of age. If we assess this to the development of individuals, newborns can be conveniently distinguished from toddlers, and just the similar, a third grader from a seventh grader. But as we approach large university, our heights start off to overlap, and it becomes just about difficult to tease out ages centered on basic dimensions. Dinosaurs ended up not excepted from this rule.

Dr. Wosik comparing his dinosaur bones in the Pauly Friedman Art Gallery.

But the most exciting discovering of this analyze was that there had been no yearlings current in the bonebed, which involved persons as younger as 2 a long time previous up by way of 16 years of age. Present day animals generally supply parental treatment for their offspring till the younger can fend for themselves. Having said that, Dr. Wosik’s do the job on duck-billed dinosaurs is revolutionizing how paleontologists check out their social conduct and demography. Building on his earlier publications, Dr. Wosik’s investigate is offering thorough information that duck-billed dinosaurs presented small to no parental care for their offspring just after hatching. In its place, the hatchlings would sort their own impartial juvenile gangs, though far more research is needed to validate this speculation.

Dr. Wosik is a paleontologist that connects information and facts involving modern organisms and the fossil document to test questions about the evolution of anatomy and biodiversity through deep time. “I use bone histology, highly developed imaging, and modeling strategies to study how the anatomy of extinct and modern vertebrates transforms from hatching/beginning by means of senescence,” mentioned Dr. Wosik. By making use of his results, he is in a position to increase these interactions to the fossil document to superior realize the evolution of major events in the heritage of lifetime. By accomplishing so, his investigation can be applied across a extensive range of specimens and encourages collaborations with other paleontologists and interdisciplinary scientists.

For the Slide semester, Dr. Wosik is introducing a new study course geared towards non-majors on Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm titled, “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,” a engage in on the authentic Jurassic Park. As section of the class, college students will consider subject visits to areas like the American Museum of Natural Background in New York and welcome planet-renowned paleontologists as guest lecturers. The public are strongly encouraged to show up at the guest lectures, which will be held on campus around 7:00 pm on Mondays. Dates and visitors are to be determined soon. Bringing even more to Misericordia, Dr. Wosik can now perform his analysis correct below on campus at Misericordia’s really have Dinosaur Research Laboratory in the Henry Science Centre. “I am energized to get going with new study here on campus and deliver ample alternatives for students to get involved!” claimed Dr. Wosik.

The following jobs in Dr. Wosik’s investigate lab involve the biomechanics of Edmontosaurus, finding out arctic dinosaurs from the North Slope of Alaska in collaboration with the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the New Mexico Museum of Organic Historical past and Science, and making partnerships with various Countrywide Park Service sites to boost pupil internship options. For much more facts on Dr. Wosik’s investigate and programs, you should call him at [email protected] or connect with 570-674-8101.

For more details about his revealed post, Osteohistological and taphonomic lifetime-record assessment of Edmontosaurus annectens (Ornithischia: Hadrosauridae) from the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Ruth Mason dinosaur quarry, South Dakota, United States, with implication for ontogenetic segregation among juvenile and adult hadrosaurids, please take a look at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/joa.13679

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