September 23, 2023


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Futurist predicts humans will be immortal, identical to AI by 2045

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Futurist and previous Google engineer Ray Kurzweil reported that he believes human beings will attain immortality by 2045, in accordance to Youtuber Adagio who talked about Kurzweil’s theory in a two-aspect Youtube collection.

Kurzweil thinks that humanity is going toward a singularity in 2045 which is driven by exponential growth – a principle that states that when an market results in being attention-grabbing, extra means are invested into it, that means that a lot more exploration can be finished and leading to the market to advance at increased speeds as time goes on.

The singularity will arrive at the conclude of 6 epochs, according to Kurzweil who extra that we have absent as a result of 4: physics, chemistry, DNA and biology and brains and technologies. In accordance to the concept, humanity is at present in the midst of the fifth epoch which is human technologies and human intelligence.

Immediately after humanity achieves the sixth epoch, Kurzweil believes that we will saturate our intelligence into the relaxation of the universe. He believes that humans, exclusively, are meant to do this since the actuality that we haven’t discovered proof of alien life nevertheless suggests that it does not exist.

How will persons turn out to be immortal?

Kurzweil suggests that since of exponential expansion in the fields of genetics, nanotech and robotics, people today will finally have the skill to map the human mind to a large ample resolution that it can be mimicked accurately in synthetic intelligence.

Really should we be cautious of the pitfalls that powerful Artificial Intelligence devices could pose to humanity? (illustrative) (credit rating: PEXELS)

The AIs established at this time, Kurzweil predicts, will have minds so similar to human beings, that the computational potential of the two will be equal, and AIs will establish the mental complexity of persons as well as emotions.

These advances, Kurzweil thinks, will also give humanity the skill to change their organic makeup at will as properly as cure fatal health conditions like cancer and coronary heart assaults. These collectively with an capability to reverse growing old will supposedly give humans immortality and make them indistinguishable from the singularity’s really advanced AI robotics.

As to humanity’s anxiety of AI currently being so highly developed it’s an actual duplicate of humans, Kurzweil thinks that not only will people produce know-how to safeguard their existence, but they will also acknowledge the AI’s innovative human-like capabilities.

It appears, having said that, that individuals are nonetheless not near to accepting AI getting to be as highly developed as Kurzweil predicts. With the emergence of AI platforms like ChatGPT, individuals have marveled at the skills of AI, but they also have reservations. For some, it really is tiny issues like AI currently being utilized to generate students’ papers for them, but for other folks, the concerns are bigger.

Monthly bill Gates, for illustration, not too long ago wrote a website warning about some potential risks of AI together with persons working with it to undermine equality and, far more alarmingly, AI establishing the capacity to overthrow humanity.

So though humanity is continually advancing in technologies and in the AI discipline specifically, we will have to wait until 2045 to see if humanity can in truth stay without end.

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