September 27, 2023


Epicurean Science & Tech

DeepMind cracks ‘knot’ conjecture that bedeviled mathematicians for decades

4 min read

The artificial intelligence (AI) system DeepMind has gotten nearer to proving a math conjecture that’s bedeviled mathematicians for decades and uncovered a further new conjecture that may unravel how mathematicians comprehend knots. 

The two pure math conjectures are the 1st-at any time important improvements in pure mathematics (or math not right linked to any non-math software) generated by synthetic intelligence, the researchers documented Dec. 1 in the journal Nature. Conjectures are mathematical ideas that are suspected to be accurate but have but to be proven in all instances. Device-finding out algorithms have earlier been employed to create these types of theoretical concepts in mathematics, but hence considerably these algorithms have tackled complications smaller than the types DeepMind has cracked. 

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