May 21, 2024


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AVer Europe: Technology Enabling Hybrid Education

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As schools and universities return for a new academic year Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of education technology solutions, talks about how educators can ensure the best use technology for their needs.

Increasingly higher institutions are opting for a combination of distance learning (for lectures) and in-person (for seminars and small group sessions). With this shift in focus comes the need to optimise the technology utilised in lecture theatres and teaching rooms. It’s not quite as simple as that, some lectures are in person and some seminars virtual, with a mix of attendees for both, so an institution needs to be able to cater for all hybrid learning scenarios.

For lectures and remote classroom learning an indispensable piece of equipment is a quality distance learning tracking camera. The AVer DL30 is the must-have solution for online education. Connected to a laptop teachers and lecturers can present freely onstage while livestreaming so students can learn whether in person or remote. With simple controls and plug-and-play connectivity it enhances student engagement and interaction. The 12x optical zoom captures information in detail and the AVer Human Detection technology dynamically tracks specific targets or areas via multiple tracking modes. This allows the teacher or lecturer to move freely, with Hybrid Mode providing total freedom of movement, allowing tracking of both speaker and content.

Visualisers are another indispensable piece of the educator’s technology armoury. The AVer U50 Interactive Visualiser is a high impact, low cost tool to bring objects to life for a remote audience and to maintain engagement. It’s easily integrated with laptop via the A+ Suite for Microsoft PowerPoint® to capture high-quality visualizer images and record live video and audio.

A must-have for schools is the charging cart. The AVer E32c provides users with an efficient, and economical experience when charging classroom devices. With simple, regulated charging of devices up to 14”, it provides durable protection and security, keeping devices safe from theft and damage.

Technology and flexibility will be the key to success for those institutions which maximise the student experience. The enforced hybrid nature brought on by the pandemic has changed the educational landscape. Help is at hand, talk to your edtech reseller for the best option for your needs.

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